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The Texas Instruments® MSP IQmath and Qmath Libraries are a collection of highly optimized and high-precision mathematical functions for C programmers to seamlessly port a floating-point algorithm into fixed-point code on MSP430 and MSP432 devices. These routines are typically used in computationally intensive real-time applications where optimal execution speed, high accuracy and ultra-low energy are critical. By using the IQmath and Qmath libraries, it is possible to achieve execution speeds considerably faster and energy consumption considerably lower than equivalent code written using floating-point math. MSP devices supported by IQmathlib:

  • MSP430F1xx
  • MSP430F2xx
  • MSP430G2xx
  • MSP430F4xx
  • MSP430F5xx
  • MSP430F6xx
  • FRAM Based Devices
  • MSP432P4xx
IQmathlib is easy to integrate into your designs.This library is free and can be used in Code Composer Studio or downloaded as a standalone package. Read the included User’s Guide for an in depth look at benchmarks and function descriptions.


  • Optimized fixed point functions - reduce development time and enable developers to focus on optimizing application code
  • Up to 100x higher performance when executing common fixed point scalar math functions in CCS – this means the MSP microcontroller can remain in low power modes longer than ever before
  • Free – simply use in Code Composer Studio or download the library

What's Included

  • Library
  • User's Guide
  • Examples


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IQMATHLIB_01_10_00_05_windows_installer.exe IQmathLib for MSP Windows Installer 10628K
MSP430-IQmathLib-UsersGuide.pdf IQmathLib Users Guide 464K
release_notes.html Release Notes 12K
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