The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the Texas Instruments TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0 Linux® software development kit (SDK). This overview is intended to help developers run the out-of-box example applications and create custom TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0 applications that run on a Linux host and interface with the CC13x0 device, which runs a media access control (MAC) CoProcessor for the end products.

The TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0 released as part of the CC13x0 SimpleLink SDK consists of the software stack from TI that implements the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE™) standard

802.15.4e/g specification; the TI 15.4-Stack also provides an implementation of a frequency-hopping scheme derived from the Wi-SUN® field area network (FAN) specification. Additionally, the SDK provides required tools, TI-RTOS, and example applications to help developers quickly get started developing star- topology-based wireless network products.

Developers who target products based on the TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0 have two architectural choices for product development. The first option is to implement the entire TI 15.4-Stack application, which can run within the CC13x0 microcontroller unit (MCU) device. The second option is to have implement the application to run on a host (for example, the Linux operating system [OS]) and interface to the SimpleLink™ CC13x0 ultra-low-power wireless MCU that is running the MAC CoProcessor Application and the TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0.

This document describes how to use the TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0 Linux SDK to develop applications running on a Linux host interfacing through a serial interface with the MAC CoProcessor running on the CC13x0 device.

The TI 15.4-Stack 2.1.0 allows for rapid development of low-power and low-cost communication networks with limited power and relaxed throughput requirements. The TI 15.4-Stack is primarily designed to create star-topology wireless networks.

For more details, refer to the IEEE 802.15.4g/e specification documents available on

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