Installing BLE-StackΒΆ

BLE-Stack is a wireless component included as part of the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK. All path and file references in this document assume that the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK is installed to the default path (<SDK_INSTALL_DIR>).

TI recommends making a backup copy of the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK before to making any changes. BLE-Stack uses paths relative to the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK and therefore is portable in respect to any valid installation path for the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK.


Code Composer Studio creates a dynamic installation variable for a discovered SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK instances. For more information, see BLE-Stack CCS project build configurations.


If installing the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK to a non-default path, do not exceed the maximum length of the file system namepath. Actual paths may differ from the figures.

SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK also installs XDCTools if not already present. See the release notes for required version numbers. Newer versions of tools may not be compatible with this SDK release. Check the TI Bluetooth LE Wiki for the latest supported tool versions.