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This is a GA release of the Core SDK for CC32xx devices.


Open the documentation overview web page file in the SDK’s Doc folder for a full list of documentation.

What’s New

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

This release breaks compatibility with previous releases of the Core SDK in the following ways:

TIRTOS-1965 - Update Compilers to latest.
TIDRIVERS-3963 - Allow SysConfig ADCBuf channels to be completely named.

Previously, ADCBuf channels were a combination of the parent ADCBuf instance’s $name and the channel instance’s $name. For example, if the ADCBuf instance’s name was “CONFIG_ADCBUF_0” and the channel instance’s $name was “CHANNEL_0”, the generated name would yield “CONFIG_ADCBUF_0CHANNEL_0”.

ADCBuf channel names are now fully nameable–independent of the parent instance’s name. As a result, setting a channel $name of “CHANNEL_0” will result in “CHANNEL_0” being generated

TIRTOS-2020 - Update i2copt3001_cpp.syscfg to use ‘ALERT’ instead of ‘INTERRUPT’.

The ‘INTERRUPT’ sub-component of each sensor component in the sensor BoosterPack’s SysConfig content has been replaced with ‘ALERT’. Because the i2copt3001_cpp.syscfg file made use of the OPT3001’s ‘INTERRUPT’ component, it has been updated to use ‘ALERT’ instead.

TIRTOS-1938 - Support BASSENSORS MKII BoosterPack.

The examples have all been updated to work with the new BASSENSORS MKII BoosterPack instead of the BOOSTXL-SENSORS BoosterPack. The prior examples should continue to work, but if you re-import an example from this release, you will need to use the new BoosterPack.

Host Support

See the SDK release notes for a description of which host operating systems are supported in this release.


See the SDK release notes for a description of which components and tools are required to work with this product.

Device Support

See the SDK release notes for a list of TI devices that are supported in this product.

Validation Information

The Core SDK was validated with the following components:

Known Issues

ID Summary
TIDRIVERS-1806 CC32xx SD driver does not work reliability on some SD cards
TIDRIVERS-1642 NVSSPI25x driver does not work when using internal SPI CS

Customer Support


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Prior Release Changes

A summary of changes made in previous releases of this product can be found in the product Change Log