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Data Fields
IVIDENC1_InArgs Struct Reference

Defines the input arguments for all IVIDENC1 instance process function. More...

#include <ividenc1.h>

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Data Fields

XDAS_Int32 size
XDAS_Int32 inputID
XDAS_Int32 topFieldFirstFlag

Detailed Description

Defines the input arguments for all IVIDENC1 instance process function.

This structure may be extended by individual codec implementations allowing customization with vendor specific parameters. The presence of vendor specific extensions will be detected by the value of the size parameter.
The size field must be correctly set by the caller. See http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/Extending_data_structures_in_XDM for more details.
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Field Documentation

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_InArgs::size

Size of this structure in bytes. Because this structure can be extended, this field must be correctly set by the caller.

XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_InArgs::inputID

Identifier to attach with the corresponding encoded bitstream frames.

This is useful when frames require buffering (e.g. B frames), and to support buffer management.
When there is no re-ordering, IVIDENC1_OutArgs::outputID will be the same as this inputID field.
Zero (0) is not a supported inputID. This value is reserved for cases when there is no output buffer provided.
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XDAS_Int32 IVIDENC1_InArgs::topFieldFirstFlag

Flag to indicate the field order in interlaced content.

Valid values are XDAS_TRUE and XDAS_FALSE.
This field is only applicable to the input image buffer.
This field is only applicable for interlaced content, not progressive.

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