ndk 2_01_00 Product Download Page
Build date: 2009-11-19 15:12:27.286596000 -0800

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ndk Product Downloads
ti_ndk_src_2_1_0.tar Platform independent package, contains complete stack sources, BIOS5/BIOS6 compatible pre-built libraries and XDC build files. Contains no Ethernet driver libraries (NSPs). 21380K
ti.ndk.platforms.evm6474_2_1_0_full.tar Reference EVM6474 NSP Package + XDC build files to enable rebuilds of the Ethernet driver libraries. 1244K
ti.ndk.platforms.evm6474_2_1_0.tar EVM6474 NDK Support Package, contains pre-built Ethernet driver libraries, sources, and network application projects ported over for BIOS5+CCSv3 and BIOS6+CCSv4. Contains no build files, can be used as-is with NDK 2.1 1136K
For additional information, contact mailto:support@ti.com or ndk support.
Thu Nov 19 15:12:32 PST 2009