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Build date: 2010-02-04 09:26:52.793119000 -0800

NDK2.0 for DM648

The patches to NDK 2.0 for DM648 fix the random crash issue. The crash was due to access of the ECM structure in ethdriver.c before the structure was initialized.
The patch should be applied after installing the NDK driver. When installing the patch package, please ensure it is installed in the same location as the NDK driver. For example, if you initially installed NDK 2.0 in C:CCSStudioV3.3 dk_2_0_0, please enter the same path for the patch installer. This patch will over write the incorrect libraries.

ndk Product Downloads
setupwin32_ndk-2_0_0_source.exe NDK 2.00.00 Source and Binary Release 16852K
setuplinux_ndk-2_0_0_source_patch_1_0_0_1.bin NDK 2.00.00 Source and Binary Release Patch for Linux 1584K
setupwin32_ndk-2_0_0_source_patch_1_0_0_1.exe NDK 2.00.00 Source and Binary Release Patch for Windows 1620K
For additional information, contact mailto:support@ti.com or ndk support.
Thu Feb 4 09:26:56 PST 2010