Texas Instruments Technology for Innovators(tm)

Framework Components Software Manifest

August 2011


Package Name The name of the application or files
Version Version of the application or files
License Name of the license or licenses that apply to the Package.
Location The directory name and path on the media (or in an archive) where the Package is located.
Delivered As

This field will either be "Source", "Binary" or "Source and Binary" and is the form the content of the Package is delivered in. If the Package is delivered in an archive format, this field applies to the contents of the archive. If the word Limited is used with Source, as in "Limited Source" or "Limited Source and Binary" then only portions of the Source for the application are provided.

Modified This field will either be "Yes" or "No". A "Yes" means TI has made changes to the package. A "No" means TI has not made any changes.
Obtained from[1]

This field specifies where TI obtained the Package from. It may be a URL to an Open Source site, a 3rd party company name or TI. If this field contains a link to an Open Source package, the date it was downloaded is also recorded.


Package Name Version License Delivered As Modified Location Obtained From
Framework Components N/A BSD Source and Binary No framework_components_<version>/packages
(all subdirectories below this are BSD licensed except for exceptions noted elsewhere in this manifest)

[1] Any links appearing on this manifest were verified at the time it was created. TI makes no guarantee that they will remain active in the future.