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OMAP35x DVSDK Release including support for OMAP3530 and OMAP3525 with the following features::

  • Alignment with Linux Platform Support Package (PSP) GIT release v02.01.02
  • Support for OMAP35x ES3.1 Silicon version with 256MB LPDDR
  • XDM 1.0 Codecs from TI.
  • Audio: AAC LC/HE Decoder
  • Image: JPEG Encoder/Decoder
  • Speech: G.711 Encoder/Decoder
  • Video: H.264 BP Encoder/Decoder, MPEG4 SP Encoder/Decoder, MPEG2 Decoder
  • Backward compatible with OMAP35x ES2.1 Silicon version with 128MB LPDDR.
  • Digital Video Test Bench: Test bench for evaluating various codecs configurations and Linux PSP.
  • The MFP package, DSP Link, DVTB and codec servers are built with Linux PSP GIT release v2.01.02
  • DVSDK Decode Demos
    • Standard definition decode and display
    • Display on on-board LCD or external monitor over DVI interface
    • On-board keypad based input interface
  • DMAI Examples for file based decode and file based encode
  • This update can be installed independently of earlier releases
General Information

This Linux DVSDK Software release for OMAP3530 gives developers the ability to begin development using the DSP and video accelerators available on the OMAP3530. This release is available to customers and partners who have OMAP35x EVM's. For further information, or to report any problems, please contact https://support.ti.com.

The release includes the following components:

  • Codec Engine 
  • DMAI 
  • DSP Link
  • DVSDK Demos
  • Framework Components
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Linux Utils
  • Local Power Management (LPM)
  • PSP
  • DVTB

Refer Release Notes for version and other details of the above components.

Additional Information

  • The DVSDK releases do not contain the MP3 decoder but the productized version of this decoders is available separately.
  • Refer  http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php?title=How_do_I_Integrate_new_codecs_into_DVSDK to integrate the MP3 Codecs with the existing Codec Combos.
  • Linux Support Package (2.6.29 kernel based) rolled into the Linux PSP release.
  • xDAIS v6.00 developers kit: eXpress DSP Algorithm Interface standard including the xDM v1.00 digital media interface extensions
  • Codec Engine: Framework for creating and interacting with multimedia codecs, running either locally or on another processor (DSP), via a Linux C-callable API that reflects the base XDM interfaces
  • Cmem: Contiguous Memory Allocator for Linux, included as part of Linux Utils
  • "Decode" Demo applications that illustrate usage of the Linux drivers and Codecs (H.264 BP, MPEG4 SP, AAC LC/HE)
  • File based "Encode" Example showing basic usage of MPEG4 SP and H.264 BP encoders
  • A/V data: Contains A/V clips and other data files needed by the demo applications
  • Digital Video Test Bench (DVTB)
  • BIOS: DSP Operating System
  • DSP (BIOS) Link: Framework for ARM-DSP communication
  • Graphics SDK installer: Includes Graphics SDK demos that gives developers the ability to evaluate the Graphics Accelerator functionalities in OMAP35x and begin development.
  • Getting Started Guide: This document helps developers to get stared on working with the DVSDK and the OMAP35x EVM.
  • Each codec has a User guide and Release Note available from the Codec Server installer.
  • Boards supported: OMAP35x EVM Rev 2.1 and 3.1
  • Host Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Workstation release 4

IMPORTANT NOTE: Install Linux PSP release from this page (see below) before using this package. Please refer to the release notes for limitations and known issues.

Features Roadmap

The following features are not included in this release but currently planned for support in the future. [Plans are subject to change with notification]:

  • Customer daughter card support (Video capture, Encode & Encode/Decode)

For additional documentation refer to http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

New linux users can refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRk2YHlXjMQ&feature=related and https://free-electrons.com/training to get started.

Mistral Solutions OMAP35x Board Support and Resources: https://www.mistralsolutions.com/support/OMAP35x_Support.php.

Linux PSP

Download Information 

Download the product installer and the documents from the table below and follow the instructions listed in the release notes and Getting Started Guide.

Graphics SDK

Download the product installer and the documents from Graphics SDK Release or the table below and follow the instructions listed in the release notes and Getting Started Guide

Development Tools

Code Sourcery Tool Chains

P/N TMDXEVM3503 kits include a 30-day evaluation copy of the Sourcery G++ Professional Edition.

Alternatively the evaluation tools can be downloaded directly from CodeSourcery at: https://support.codesourcery.com/GNUToolchain/

The Sourcery G++ LITE (free, Non-IDE version) tools can be found at: http://www.codesourcery.com/gnu_toolchains/arm/releases/2008q1

ARM RealView Development Suite

Request your free 30-day trial of ARM's RealView Professional Development tools now with TI OMAP35x support. https://www.arm.com/products/devtools/ti_support.html

Additional notes

A wiki based information site is available. User contributions are encouraged. http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php?title=OMAP35x_EVM

Beta Migration Guide

http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php/OMAP35x_DVSDK_Beta2_to_GA_Migration_Guide The version log for various DVSDK external releases http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php/OMAP35x_DVSDK_Version_Log

Source Requests

You may request a source DVD of open source software by sending an email to Source DVD

DVSDK_3_00 Product Downloads
Digital Video Software Development Kit [DVSDK]
omap3530_3_00_01_42_release_notes DVSDK Product Release Notes 264K
dvsdk_setuplinux_3_00_01_42.bin DVSDK Product Installer 171724K
cs1omap3530_setuplinux_1_00_01-42.bin DVSDK DSP CODECs 24204K
data_dvsdk_3_00_01_42.tar.gz DVSDK Demonstration Multimedia Files-containing audio and video clips 358360K
data_dvsdk_low_bitrate_3_00_01_42.tar.gz Low Bit Rate DVSDK Demonstration Multimedia Files-containing audio and video clips 137120K
Linux Platform Support Package [PSP]
ReleaseNotes- PSP Release Notes 1272K
UserGuide- PSP User Guide 5788K
MigrationGuide- PSP Migration Guide 1152K
DataSheet- PSP Data Sheet 1596K
OMAP35x-PSP-SDK-setuplinux- PSP Product Installer 191724K
DVSDK Dependencies
xdctools_setuplinux_3_15_01_59.bin XDC/RTSC Tools [Real Time Software Components] 152920K
bios_setuplinux_5_33_06.bin DSP/BIOS 149620K
TI-C6x-CGT-v6.0.16.1.bin Code Generation Tools 27952K
Extras 3D Graphics Software Development Kit
OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_GettingStartedGuide.pdf Graphics SDK Getting Started Guide
OMAP35x_Graphics_SDK_setuplinux_3_00_00_09.bin Graphics SDK Product Installer 286312K
Extras CODEC Add-ons
c64xplus_mp3dec_1_31_001_production.bin MP3 DSP CODEC 2132K
Pre-built Images
overlay_dvsdk_3_00_01_42.tar.gz Pre-built DVSDK Binaries/Multimedia files - this should be added to an existing PSP file system. 363832K
nfs_dvsdk_3_00_01_42.tar.gz Complete DVSDK file system including Pre-built DVSDK Binaries [overlay] and self starting DVSDK demos - suitable for NFS mount 374844K
rootfs_dvsdk_3_00_01_42.jffs2 Complete DVSDK file system including Pre-built DVSDK Binaries [overlay] and self starting DVSDK demos - JFFS2 file system format [NAND flash] 67596K
md5sum.list MD5 Checksums 4K
For additional information, contact mailto:support@ti.com or DVSDK_3_00 support.
Thu Sep 10 17:41:28 PDT 2009