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Build date: 04212011

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DaVinci PSP Software Development Kit (SDK) 03.21 Updates

DaVinci PSP SDK is a dev-kit based on the community supported GNU/Linux. The SDK contains Linux kernel derived from DaVinci git and U-Boot originated from U-Boot git. It also includes a sample filesystem generated from another community project - Arago.

The information about baseline chosen for each of the component in the SDK is available in the release notes.

The package does not contain a toolchain. GNU toolchain for ARM processors from CodeSourcery is recommended.

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DaVinci_03_21 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Release Notes Release Notes
Features and Performance Guide Features and Performance Guide
PSP User's Guide PSP User's Guide
DaVinci-PSP-SDK- DaVinci-PSP-SDK- Package for AM18x/OMAP-L138/DA850 and DM365/DM368 111812K

NOTE: Documents in the Release Package may not be up-to-date. For latest documents please refer to the wiki pages

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