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Software Development Organization (SDO) Applications Packages

General Information

SDO Applications Packages are utility packages developed in alignment with customers & TI business units. They are supported mini-products, however since they are small-scale packages any large-scale enhancements and roadmap requests may not be possible. Issues/bugs should be reported via


Host port of c62, 64, c64+ intrinsics. Enables customers to run/prototype code on the host (eg PC, Sparc...) where the debug environment is often richer

Download Information

Windows - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_72_00-Setup.exe

Linux - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_72_00-Linux-x86-Install

Release Notes One bug involving _itoll is fixed.
Windows - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_71_00-Setup.exe

Linux - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_71_00-Linux-x86-Install

Release Notes Two bug fixes.  One for _smpy32.  The other affects those who build with MSVC tools, and involves _rotl.
Windows - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_70_00-Setup.exe

Linux - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_70_00-Linux-x86-Install

Release Notes - Add _rotl intrinsic for MSVC users

- Bug fixes: _smpy32, 40-bit intrinsics like lsadd, multiply intrinsics when multiply 0 times a negative number

Windows - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_60_00-Setup.exe

Linux - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_60_00-Linux-x86-Install

Release Notes Misc bugfixes in implementation & unit-test of _cmpyr1(), _lmbd()
Windows - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_50_00-Setup.exe

Linux - c_intrinsics_host_port-0_50_00-Linux-x86-Install

Release Notes Misc bugfixes in implementation & unit-test of _itof(), _ftoi(), _mpyhlu()
Windows - host_intrin_v0_40_00.exe Release Notes Changed the header file hierarchy in c6xsim/ to minimize preprocessor inclusions (and hence potential collisions) in user-code. Misc bugfixes.

Install Information

See Release Notes.

For additional information, contact


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